Take care of both the skin and its microbiome.

There are a massive kinds of ingredients that can be turned into skin care products. But not all ingredients can be chosen. SOÀLANGÉ is a breakthrough skin science that selects right combination of ingredients for different skin conditions and turns them into science-led skincare products that actually work.

Microbiome friendly products

Our products contain beneficial ingredients that not only prevent altering microbiome balance but also support the skin’s microbiome to address variety of skin conditions such as premature aging caused by environmental factors and inflammatory conditions such as acne and blemishes.

Not tested on animals

We never test on animals; all of our products are friendly.  

Microbiome Friendly Products (1)
The Difference

Our skin is home to trillions of invisible cells that make up our skin’s living ecosystem, the microbiome. In the same way the gut microbiome is critical for gut health, so is the skin's microbiome. Unlike traditional skincare products, SOALANGE uses a breakthrough innovation called cell lysate to support the skin microbiome for healthier skin that ages slower.