Skin science that actually works.

SOÀLANGÉ offers a complete care for both skin and its microbiome. The Cell Lysate approach alongside nourishing ingredients creates the environment to restore microbial diversity & balancing out the harmful effects of modern life.

What Are Cell Lysates?

Cell lysates are inactivated microbial cells and cell fractions that benefit the skin. They improve skin barrier function and slow skin aging by increasing skin barrier proteins such as extracellular matrix proteins and tight junctions.
Although the barrier is self-maintaining and self-renewing, skin barrier dysfunction commonly occurs in inflammatory skin disorders. Cell lysates decrease skin inflammation by reduction of inflammatory cytokines in the epidermis.

Why Protect Our Skin’s Microbiome?

Our lifestyle choices, environment, air pollution and exposure to UV light affects our skin microbiome and its overall health. By protecting our skin’s microbiome, we reduce the risk of skin conditions such as acne and inflammations, protecting our skin from damage, slow the aging process and premature aging caused by environmental factors, and keep our skin balanced and hydrated.